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There are few things as complex as the universe, one of these are insurance processes of large banks.
There are few things as complex as the universe, one of these are insurance processes of large banks.
There is not much to do for the universe; as for the banks, we can work on that
There is not much to do for the universe; as for the banks, we can work on that.

Related to this, we worked on a project for the Intesa SanPaolo Assicura Corporate team. The request was to design a tool that would make it possible to manage negotiations from all channels, managing assignments to Underwriters, referrals, pre-employment checklists and monitoring commercial activity with numerous dashboards to be able to quickly analyze every aspect of the business.

In order to tackle the project we needed an intensive session with the Intesa SanPaolo assure teams involved in the Corporate world, to get to know the project's stakeholders better, empathize with them and above all understand what their real needs were.

Devote a whole day to a workshop

Why should someone do that?


Despite all the material that was submitted from Intesa SanPaolo Assicura's team and analyzed, it was crucial to dive deeper into their world, at least for a day. Visiting their offices, taking a coffee at their vending machines, having lunch all together while talking face to face, allowed us to step into their shoes.


In large companies innovations (such as new tool to handle the job) can be singlehandedly required by managers, instead of reflecting a collective urge. For this reason, the need arose to have the presence of all involved, to make sure that the initial requests were compatible with the real needs of the business and to have all points of view.

Process the expectations

We used our time to make some exercises that aimed to pinpoint the expectations that everyone had about final result of the project.

The process used


Part of the job was to set the mood in the beginning: everyone drew the person sitting net to them and then we all tried to guess who had been portrayed. This was good for learning names and roles of every participant.

Experience map

We retraced the of map of existing flows, incorporating the ones of Riskapp. The participants were active in the determination of the flows: they proposed chnages and integrations. While performing this task, the participants took notes and wrote down the greatest difficulties in each moment. In the end, the post-its were sticked to a board and it was decided which problem should be covered in the next activity.

Four-step sketch

Four-step sketch is an exercise that helps people create well-composed concepts through a structured process that includes: 1. Review of the key information; 2. Planning on paper; 3.Consideration of multiple cases; 4.Creation of a detailed solution.

Affinity map

All information in the wallet section is written on a post-it. In turn, in a conga line, people must aggregate post-its. In the end there will be gathered information which will be named to be easily understood by every department, and which will allow to manage the UI phase of filling the forms faster.

Round Robin Brainstorm map

The purpose of the exercise is to find a display solution for the dashboard. Participants were grouped by 3, everyone with the list of all the charts available in the Highcharts library. Each group had to reasonate as if they were one of the main stakeholders (portfolio, management control, Corporate-CFO).

Summary of the workshop

We arrived in the morning with some problems to solve, we went out in the evening with the real problems with which users on the platform were facing. Briefly, thanks to the workshop we understood that until the day before we had understood almost nothing.

“Working without any kind of barriers, we completed a path that allowed us to be more efficient than working apart. The journey with Mabiloft proved to be rich in dialogue, but above all it was time invested in the best way.”

-Giovanni Ripamonti, Liability Lead Underwriter


After some focus groups to unravel the difficulties left, the project went to Wireframe, UI and prototyping, and it was finally tested with the users. The UI and Design System phase was addressed with extreme attention: the screens had to be integrated into the pre-existing tool of Riskapp, that subsequently took care of developing the project. By collaborating daily, we integrated and revised Riskapp design system, handled the technical issues together and delivered the product of our research.

What did Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura get?

Digitization of a working process

Of underwriting, of portfolio, related to management control and mapping of trade flows

Optimization of timing

Of the management of negotiations and emission of policies, all in a few months

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