We want to create our Silicon Valley in Italy

Ambitious, but we are not afraid to say it.

There is no end point

We are eternally unsatisfied. Somethimes this is perceived as negative, but it's what pushes us to improve everyday. We know that even when we will reach the top, we will find a higher goal and we are proud of that.

Who are we?

We like to call ourselves in many ways

We want to get rid of the friction in the interaction with digital products through


Crossplatform and native mobile apps

Frontend web development in React + Typescript

Backend development and cloud deploy

We are truly there for the projects we believe in

We seriously want to innovate. To do so, we know that besides the best people we need the best ideas. That's why we engaged in a procedure of startup support in exchange of equity. Would you like to be our partner?

We live for research and development

Logo Flutter


Unifying our apps' codebases with Flutter helps to optimise the manteinance of the projects without compromising on performace, allowing to focus on the logic ant the interactions.

Logo Figma


Figma as a tool for design allows to share real-time infos with the whole team. Over the years, it became a useful assistant for design.

Logo React

React and React-Native

We mastered React and React-Native, that help us give our best both on the web and on mobile.

Logo Node js


Our backend is developed in Node.js with Typescript. We create containerized and scalable microservices with Docker deployed on Google Cloud and AWS.

What should one expect when working with us?

We believe that success is the result of teamwork, ambitious perspective and constant pursuit of excellence.

Design is the soul of our work

We plan digital products by studying flows, user journeys and wireframes. That's our firm ground for interfaces, that applies principles of design thinking.


We care about our clients' projects as if they were ours. We are the first ones to look for improvements and suitable solutions to reach the desired goals.

A full-time passion

Love is what leads us to try out new solutions and find the best on for our projects.

We love to challenge ourselves

We support our products even during the testing process, making the production a continuous feedback exchange to elevate our software quality to the top.

We are especially what happens in the process

Our projects are not only the final result, we always create a solid and trustworthy bond.

A place to belong, nurturing talent and innovation

We want to be surrounded by passionate people, we love what we do and we want to share it.

Any idea or do you want to know us better?

Otherwise we can play table football or have a ping-pong match in the office. We have a slush machine, too. Well, contact us for anything, except for telemarketing.

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Where we are

Via Cadorna 2,
Albignasego Padova,
35020 Italia

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