Insurance reports digitalization

Propilei is a platform that digitizes the workflow of agencies that deal with insurance reports. It was designed around a real agency and tested by collecting continuous feedback and is therefore very effective.

The origins

About the project

Thanks to a simple application in use and immediate in operations, the experts can speed up their work flow by having all the documents and data necessary for an inspection at a click.

Digital flow

From the secretariat to the administration, the platform allows access to all job figures in the sector, providing differentiated access based on the role. The digitalization of the work flow also speeds up the search and consultation of paper documents, allowing the user to save precious time.

Background sincronization

As soon as an appraisal is assigned, the appraiser can carry out the inspection without worrying about bringing the correct documents with him. This task will be carried out directly by the app, which will synchronize the updated appraisals, the attached documents and the related forms to be filled out in the background.

Digital sign

Digital module

The biggest innovation offered by Propilei is given by the app. The platform, in fact, allows you to fill in forms and move comfortably from one page to another, keeping track of the progress made. Once the module is completed, the platform also allows you to submit it to an accurate check and move on to the next phase of the workflow.

The platform allows the expert to find a new assignment by simply scrolling through a list sorted by the closest position or the progress of the current project.

The "Gallery" function allows the user to consult documents and forms attached to the assignment. The app also keeps track of the photos taken, divides them according to the presence or not of geolocation and sends a warning about the photos not yet uploaded to the platform.

The application allows you to take geolocated photos to trace the place of assignment and validate the inspection. The images will then be loaded in the background to be visible on the platform.

The platform offers the expert the opportunity to view the details of the assignment and accurately organize useful information relating to the insurance report.

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