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Eatnmeet is a platform dedicated to social dining experiences, which offers the opportunity to learn about culinary culture and traditional traditions.


About the project

Through an intuitive app, fast and easy to use, travelers and locals, passionate about local cuisine and tradition, will be able to share an immersive and unforgettable experience.


The platform was created around the needs of the end user and respecting the needs of the two categories of users, of various ages and nationalities, which we have nicknamed Host and Guest. Hosts are organizers and event creators. Some real innkeepers, who present their own space and various kitchen services to share with their guests a moment of their daily life. The guests, on the other hand, are travelers and occasional tourists who try to discover the true flavors of the place directly at the house of the locals, the hosts, sharing together the unique experience.


Evolutionary user profile

During the design and development phases, we kept the social soul of the platform, creating a single type of user. How does it work? The simple consultation of the available events is accessible to all, without the need for registration. Once registered, the user will then have the opportunity to participate in an event created by a host or create one by himself and host other guests, all with the same account. Furthermore, the creation of an event is very fast: it will be enough to upload some photos, add the menu with the courses, the places available and finally specify the cost per person.

Search and filter
Perfect booking
Create an event

Finding the right event has never been easier

The screen that welcomes the user in the app, advises daily the events more akin to his preferences. This is possible thanks to a complex algorithm, which takes into account not only the needs of the user, but also the place and the number of places available for the event. After a long phase of research and study on user experience, we have created a screen that presents two main sections. The first section presents the user with upcoming events. In the next section the events available over the weekend are proposed. Finally, the user has the possibility to explore more deeply one of the individual sections or to carry out a personalized search.

All experiences will always remain saved, both as a host and as a guest user. In this way it will be possible to relive them at any time, even after some time.

Improve your account by uploading a representative profile photo and personal description. Specify the languages spoken and do not forget to check the reviews of other users.

We have developed a real-time chat system, with support for push notifications, to put users in direct contact and plan the event in the best possible way.

It is possible to review an event by evaluating the quality of the food and the company. Likewise, the host has the ability to review guests. In this way, reliable user profiles are created, which make it possible to avoid unpleasant situations.

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