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A new user experience for home automation of international apartments.
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Project Goals

Belvillage is a co-living service in Berlin, Barcelona and soon in Miami and Las Vegas, where it is possible to rent apartments with a modern design and become part of an international community. It addresses to young people who move from their city but who do not want to give up comfort and tech.

Belvillage wants to make people feel right at home, which is why they asked Mabiloft for an app to guide tenants at every stage of their stay in the apartments.

Along with comfortable and modern furnishings, all Belvillage buildings offer comforts such as smart intercoms, controllable lighting and heating, as well as common areas for spending time with other tenants.

The goal was to centralize all these features in a single app.

What we have done

Software architecture
UX/UI design
Mobile development

Unifying services, creating new ones

The experience of the Belvillage tenants had three main points to consider: the check-in phase in the apartment, the months of stay and check-out

In order to make the right decisions during the design, it was necessary to define the scenarios in which the tenants could be found, basing the initial analysis on the study of user flows and user personas.

The redesign began with days of studying user behavior. Although there were many ideas at this stage, it was necessary to keep order and keep in mind what objectives were to be achieved.

The result has led us to collect all the pre-existing services and integrate the new features required by Belvillage in a single app, with maximum usability.

A whole apartment in just one app

The biggest challenge was allowing tenants to control every aspect of their home. The app has been fully integrated with the home automation system used by Belvillage, Hsyco, making the management of values even faster than the original one.

Long story short, once a button on the app is tapped, it takes 300 milliseconds to turn on a light.

Belvillage tenants can now check the status of their washing machine, raise the temperature of the apartment, turn on the lights and open the front door all from the same app.

Creating a community

Belvillage's main goal is to make its tenants feel at home, which is why it was essential to integrate a section dedicated to the community.

We managed the creation of events between tenants and post reviews of businesses in the city, in order to help newcomers find the best places to hang out for every need.

The experience in creating a review was maximized, asking the user to choose only the activity to review and the evaluation, by entering all the data directly through the Google API.

Safety first

The Belvillage app is also used as an access method for building and apartments, which is why it was essential to ensure maximum security.

We have integrated biometric recognition through faceID and fingerprintID for opening the doors, in order to avoid entrances opened by mistake or from outside, in case the phone ends up in the hands of unwanted people.

Not the usual admin panels

The entire world of Belvillage has been made controllable from an admin panel, completely custom made to meet all the needs of the Belvillage staff. The admin allows you to directly modify the data on the app, manage users and buildings without intermediaries.

Used technologies


The app was written using a single code for iOS and Android, halving the development time

360° controls

Now Belvillage tenants can make the most of the experience of the apartments and the community, having all the most important aspects of their accommodation within a few clicks.

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